The Shrine of the Sacred Heart Dinner Program is a volunteer operation that serves nutritious meals five days a week to homeless and low-income men and women in Washington DC.

Our mission is to provide a place where persons of all ethnic, social, religious and economic backgrounds can come together and share a meal in an environment that is welcoming and which reaffirms their inherent dignity.  Our vision is to create and serve these guests so that they are integrated into the community and can become self-sufficient.

In addition to meals served five days a week, parishioners and other volunteers prepare special Christmas and Easter celebration dinners with homecooked foods and donation of food from local restaurants.  

To meet other needs in addition to the meals and fellowship provided,  the Dinner Program runs a referral service with updated information on local health and social services that clients may need.  Twice a month our clients are provided access to a volunteer attorney who does intake, then provides referrals to local health, social work and other service providers as needed. Clients are also referred to local job programs, legal clinics, and to case managers at day shelters who provide assistance in obtaining identification and social security benefits where applicable.  Our volunteer attorney also assists in filing taxes, obtaining copies of immigration cards, and with other minor legal issues. 

Haircuts are also provided.  These help clients with their personal appearance and to present themselves better in job interviews and when seeking services.  

Please consider donating $10/per month to the Sacred Heart Hunger Fund to feed homeless men and women in Washington, D.C. You will directly support meals, fellowshp and haircuts to those in need.

Note that on June 4th, a special fund raiser is taking place: please donate to the dinner program through  Do More 24 - using the button below.  






Shrine of the Sacred Heart
3211 Sacred Heart Way
16th & Park Rd NW
Washington, D.C. 20010
United States
Phone: 202-234-8000